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Grand Staircase

Chancellery House

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Torgau’s scenic surroundings are full of appealing spots to visit. The Elbe flows picturesquely past the town, providing a splendid view of Hartenfels Palace.

The Elbe bicycle path will take you to many natural and man-made riverside sights. This route leads all the way from Dresden or Wittenberg to Torgau. The lush forests, low meadowlands and scenic heaths of the District of Torgau-Oschatz offer a range of flora and fauna and perfect settings for recreation and relaxation. This charming natural environment can be explored on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

In the north-western section of the district is the Dübener Heath, containing large forested areas. The heath borders on the Torgau Elbe Meadowlands which are distinguished by their great open green expanses, home to a wide range of animal and plant species. To the east, some seven kilometres from Torgau, is the former electoral stud farm, Graditz.

The Dahlen Heath, the former hunting grounds of the Saxon electors, presents itself as a gently rolling landscape with little brook valleys, idyllic forest meadows and large ponds. The small rural towns of Belgern, Dommitzsch and Schildau have historical centres and peaceful, pleasant atmospheres to offer. And you can round off your day trip with a visit to the Baroque palace Hubertusburg in Wermsdorf, to name only one of many examples.

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