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a 3-day trip

Picturesquely situated on the banks of the Elbe, the Renaissance city of Torgau is an experience for every visitor. The well-preserved Hartenfels Palace with its famous Grand Staircase was once the chief residence of the Saxon electors — and only one of the many testimonies to the Golden Age of Torgau, a city brimming with history. The Second Saxon State Exhibition provides the perfect occasion to visit!

Day after pleasurable day: Your itinerary

Day 1:
Following your arrival we will bid you welcome at a three-star hotel in Torgau. Then you will have the opportunity to make your first acquaintance with the town on your own before the Torgau Beer Evening begins. That culinary event comprises a three-course menu of Saxon potato soup, Torgau Senfbraten (mustard roast), bread, cheese and fruit. All accompanied, of course, by the famous beer of Torgau.

Day 2:
Bright and early, before it gets too crowded, we recommend that you visit the Second Saxon State Exhibition in Hartenfels Palace, the Palace Chapel and the Chancellery House. Then in the afternoon, feel the flair of the Renaissance during a guided tour of the Old Town, including visits to the Katharina Luther Parlour and the Lapidarium in the Lower Court Parlour of Hartenfels Palace. We will refresh ourselves afterwards by taking a cosy coffee break, complete with a serving of Torgauer Plinsen. Round out the day with a visit to the Villeroy & Boch sales exhibition or a pleasant evening concert.

Day 3:
On the agenda for today is a guided tour of the nearby Ebbecke Paltrock Mill, followed by a light millers’ lunch. We will be happy to organise a trip to Leipzig or Wittenberg for you at your request. Wittenberg is full of historical reminders of the Reformation, including a range of sites testifying to the life and work of Luther.

All-inclusive: Our offer

Lodging w/ breakfast for 2 nights
Torgau Beer Evening with 3-course dinner
Guided tour of the city: Walking tour of the historical Old Town
Guided tour of the Second Saxon State Exhibition
Evening in the Luther Barn in Zwethau with a banquet for all the senses - music, medieval entertainment, 6-course dinner
Guided tour of the Ebbecke Paltrock Mill
Music – CD from the Palace Chapel
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149,00 EUR per person, double room, *** hotel (extension: 1 ldg/br 30,00 EUR)
175,00 EUR per person, single room, *** hotel (extension: 1 ldg/br 40,00 EUR)
Minimum group size: 20 person

Information and reservations:

Torgauer Tourismus & Bäder GmbH
Schlossstraße 11, 04860 Torgau
Tel.: (0 34 21) 71 25 71
Fax: (0 34 21) 71 02 80

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