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Albrecht Wing

Palace Chapel



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Providing insight into an important epoch of Saxon history, the first and largest section of the Second Saxon State Exhibition will be presented on three floors in the Albrecht Wing. Significant works of art from the Dresden State Art Collections and a large number of loans from all over the world will testify to the splendour of the Saxon electors and the art which adorned their courts.

The Albrecht Wing is the oldest part of the palace complex. This three-storey structure of the late Gothic period - 1483-85 - is presently being thoroughly renovated and equipped with modern museum technology.

On the first upper storey, two massive timber ceilings have survived from the time of the building’s construction, while on the ground floor the vaults bear witness to the architecture of the period around 1500.

Lucas Cranach d.J., Elias und die Baalspriester

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